About Us

We started out as a small at-home eyelash studio "Silk's Lashes" operated by our founder and CEO Silkey Downing. Passion that began to blossom in her as a teenager, has turned into an intense devotion to see her clients face light up when they see the look of professional lash extensions.

Delight in her clients is what drove her to launch Silk's Lash Bar. Silkey's very own signature lash brand, she's built with a clear target in mind. Offering all of her lash clients the look of professional eyelash extensions with the convenience of strip lashes.


What steps are Silkey and her team taking to achieve this ambitious goal?

  • Offering all variations of eyelashes, both strip and magnetic.
  • Devotion to introducing new and unique products to world of lashes, such as SLB magic eyeliner!
  • The SLB team's natural talent and expertise that go into the development and selection of every single style!