Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1:


Q: Do lash extensions and strip/mag lashes conflict with each other? I hear a lot of contradicting "facts" on this subject.

A: Silk's Lash Bar's sister company Silk's Lashes does eyelash extensions and it is our parent company so there is no one better to answer this on than us. The answer is NO they do not conflict or compete with each other they are two different products which  are designed for two different kinds of clients. More information on this subject can be found on this page.


Question #2:

Q: Are your lashes cruelty-free?

A: Yes they are not only 100% cruelty free but they are 100% vegan, no animals were ever even mentioned in the production of ALL Silk's Lash Bar lashes. 


Question #3:


Q: How long will it take me to receive my order?

A: All US and Canadian orders typically take between 5-7 business days.

Question #4:


Q: How much is charged for shipping?

A: $10 CAD flat rate for all domestic shipping! (US and Canada) PLUS any order over $50 CAD shipping is 100% free!


Question #5:


Q: Do you offer an affiliate program for interested customers?

A: Yes Silk's Lash Bar offers highly competitive compensation for affiliates, opportunity for advancement within the company and marketing training for highly promising individuals. 


Question #5:


Q: Is there glue included with my lashes?

A:  In some lash bundles we include our Diabolic Eyeliner, which is our glue and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for all Silk's Lash Bar Lashes. If you haven't purchased some yet you can buy it here with a bundle or separately. Or subscribe to our email list for a chance to receive some as a free giveaway!


Question #5:


Q: How many wears can I expect out of a pair of Silk's Lash Bar Lashes?

A: You can anticipate 20 wears on the low end with Silk's Lash Bar Lashes and 25 wears with proper care and maintenance. Silk's Lash Bar has specifically designed our packaging for convenience and reusability. If you have additional questions you can visit our care and maintenance page here.


Question #6

Q: Can I wear mascara with Silk's Lash Bar Lashes?

A: You can but it will change the shape of the false lashes and will reduce the amount of times you can wear them. Overall this is not recommended.