About Us

Yes, we are Silk's Lash Bar and no, we do not serve alcohol. When it comes to lashes we raise the bar. When it comes to the stress and mess of lash glue we stop the bar. And when it comes to snacks... We prefer chocolate bars.


So by now you've guessed that we are an eye beauty brand. Which was made by a hardworking career woman for hardworking career women. Traditional "time and patience" beauty methods offer a girl a lot of confidence and we all love to look our best. But, Ladies like us have hectic schedules that have us going from heels to boots and everything in between. With the demands of a busy work, home and social schedules convenience and flexibility is what we really need.


Silk's Lash Bar lashes and products were developed with you in mind, whether your putting in overtime hours or spending the evening with your man, we got you. As of right now, your qualified to try the professionally crafted beauty salon look with the convenience necessary for real life. 


Wake up, wipe the sleep from your eyes and know that your gonna look your best in a quick couple steps! With any of our lash systems.


We started out as a small at-home eyelash studio "Silk's Lashes" operated by our founder Silkey Downing a paralegal (technically). And after watching hundreds of eager clients take a moment to delightfully check out the way they looked. She knew that feeling had to be made much more accessible for everyone. 


And Silk's Lash Bar was born, since then we have been changing the game while delivering confidence and convenience to woman everywhere.