Diabolic Eyeliner

The Evolution of Lash Glue



Sleeker and faster, without the use of magnets... Silk’s Lash Bar’s innovative Diabolic Eyeliner has finally arrived. Gone are the days of meticulously squeezing lash glue onto the ends of our strip lashes and blowing on them to ensure they will stick to our faces.  Not to mention it takes some know-how and a little bit of skill to apply our lashes like this, the old-fashioned way.


Now, in two steps and roughly 20 seconds you can have your eyeliner done and lashes on.


Step 1: Apply Diabolic Eyeliner just like any other eyeliner.     
Step 2: Put on your Silk's Lash Bar Premium Strip Lashes.



Even though Diabolic Eyeliner is wind proof and rain proof all you will ever need to remove it is makeup remover!