The Truth About Strip Lashes and Lash Extensions

As I'm sure you have read, there is a ton of contradicting information on the internet today about strip lashes and eyelash extensions. You may have heard that strip lashes are bad for your eyes or that eyelash extensions can damage your natural lashes... As lash experts and a team that offers a variety of strip lashes and professional eyelash extensions, Silk's Lash Bar would like to have your permission to give you our unbiased opinions and the need to know facts about all of our products and services.



Strip Lashes



Lets begin with the most popular lash option on the market today, which are strip lashes! We love this option here at SLB and strip lashes are the first product for us to offer. Our CEO Silkey Downing begun her lash career as a teenage girl, applying strip lashes for herself and her friends and they will always hold a dear place in her heart. Silkey's favorite lash option at SLB happens to be Black Magic (one of our very first styles).


If you're the kind of girl who likes to have the freedom to change her look up day to day, strip lashes may be the best option for you. The variety of styles in strip lashes is truly unmatched, leaving you with endless opportunity to switch your look up (SLB is consistently introducing new styles of strip lash all the time!) If you have price is a concern, you are in luck. Strip lashes are the cheapest of our options and you can purchase a set for $15, and we guarantee 20 wears with our strip lashes if looked after properly


There are drawbacks to strip lashes, the main one being that you have to apply strip lashes every morning! Applying strip lashes the old fashioned way with lash glue can be tedious every morning. Even if it is still much faster than the application of traditional make-up aka mascara.


There is a faster way though...


Silk's Lash Bar is proud to offer a brand new product, the fastest and easiest way to apply strip lashes today. Our Diabolic Eyeliner! If you know how to apply eyeliner then you know how to firmly plant our lashes on your eyelid for an all day hold. Learn more about our Magic Eyeliner and watch some videos on how cool this stuff is here.


Magnetic Lashes



A new contender to the scene of false eyelashes, magnetic lashes are picking up a lot of steam and they continue to become more and more popular. They hold to your eyelid with the use of magnets of course!  Every pair of SLB magnetic lashes is equipped with 5 magnets for superior hold and comfort! Magnetic lashes are durable, comfortable and have amazing hold strength! They are new, exciting and seem to better in almost every single way. 


Except for one... 


The price tag, magnetic lashes cost much more than strip lashes due to the fact that they are a new product on the market today... What they lose in price they make up for in durability, equipped with 5 magnets our lashes are able to stay with you for up to 40 uses!



Eyelash Extensions



Finally we get to the illustrious Lash Extensions...


Unparalleled for convenience and hailed by women all over the world, professional eyelash extensions are the ultimate option. You never have to have apply them and they consistently look good day after day with proper care.


There is one very big drawback to professional eyelash extensions... The price tag that comes with them. By far the most expensive option, professional lash extensions are for women who are serious about there lashes as they are a luxury.


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